Sunday, March 10, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas
  Well…… We Made it!!!  Sorry I have been away for a bit, but a curve ball was thrown at us Tuesday night regarding our flight to Las Vegas. Since much of the north east was affected by snow storm, Saturn, our original flight to Las Vegas was cancelled.  It is interesting how they alert you of bumps in the road, such at this, these days: via automated message…. “Hello, this is Us Air calling.  Your flight to ( long pause) Las Vegas (another long pause) connecting through DC has been CANCELLED!”  Gee, thanks lady!  Needless to say, we scrambled and found a new flight that still accepted our miles.  Big Relief. 
  Last night, after flying from 12:45 to 6:30pm Vegas time (add three hours Boston time) we made it!!! Both flights were rather uneventful, minus a few interesting characters in the neighboring seats.  We quickly discovered that five people do not fit in one cab in Vegas, so we elected to take a limo to our fancy-pants hotel.  Nothing like arriving in style for a similar price! 
sorry for the awful lighting..... damn iphone!

  After checking in and a quick room change, we headed downstairs for dinner.  We elected to do something quick last night since we had been traveling all day and were excited to let the fun begin.  We ate at a “food court” type place with five options that you ordered at the counter and took your food with your to a table.  Essentially, it was an upscale mall food court.  I decided on pizza, becaue I had been thinking about it all day.  On the whole,  my $14.00 meal (one slice of veggie pizza and a drink) was okay. Other people in our group got Mexican Burritos, which seemed to be the way to go.  They were jam-packed with meat, cheese and veggies.  If we eat there again, I will try those for sure.  Major food envy!
            After eating, Katie and I explored all the fancy shops and sights of our hotel.  They have MANY restaurants, designer stores, regular stores, snack stops and other sundries in Ceaser’s Forum.  They also have these robotic Mythological gods who “act out” scenes from their myths.  There are positioned on top of a large water foundtain equipped with a  large fish tank below.  There were also many assorted fish inside, which were kind of cool to see ;)  Our other friend Ashley’s flight got in around 9:45 and we met her for a snack (her dinner) and some wine.  I was EXHAUSTED at this point, since  I had been up for almost 24 straight hours.  As opposed to falling asleep at the table, I politely dismissed  mysekf abd headed off to bed.
  On the whole our hotel, Caesars, is VERY nice.  I'm excited to try out their state of the art fitness center in the morning.
Stay tunes for more Vegas fun..

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