Monday, March 25, 2013

A Taste of Spring

Ahhhhhh Sunday.  One of the better days of the week!
  This Sunday, in particular, I was excited to meet up with my Mom on the Cape.  My mom and I meet up frequently on the weekends because both my Dad and mark tend to be working; and let's face it we're best friends.  We had planned for Sunday for the entire week, until Saturday when she broke the news that my dad was off, and that the had an appointment with the cable company between 11 and 3.  Gee thanks Mom!

  To accommodate my Mom's busy schedule (sense my sarcasm), I puttered around the house a bit, and finalized my lenten themed recipes for this week's blog post, graded some students' blog posts and went to the grocery store.  Tuck and I headed down to my parents house around noon..  My mom made a delicious lunch of Turkey burgers, homemade guacamole, fresh melon and cut veggies.  She knows me too well! 
   After the cable technician left, the three of us headed to Chappaquoit Beach because the tide was perfect for walking.  During low tide, the beachfront doubles in size at Chappy, and makes for a great walking trail.  If you walk all the way to the end, you can see Black Beach, a beach only accessible by boat, that is on my top ten favorite places list.  I didn't know the tide would cooperate today, so when my dad told me, it was a pleasant surprise 



Upon arriving, Tucker was in HEAVEN!  He ran, swam, chased, leaped and pounced through the sand and ocean.  This dog was made  to be by the water, literally (ha hah).  I'll give it to him though..... this was pretty breathtaking.  My parents and I walked to beach until about 4, and then headed home.  The day was filled with hope that the snow will eventually stop, and that spring with grace us with her presence here in New England.  Below are some of my favorite snapshots from our adventure today.  I don't typically include this many photos in one post, but these were truly stunning, and I just HAD to share.

Playing x 2

Deep sigh.. I love this one!


Air Tuck!

Best pals!

 As you can probably tell, the beach is where my soul goes to unwind and simultaneously recharge.  I am now motivated for the week to come.

Jeanie (and Tucker)
ps.. Many of you have messaged me asking about Tucker's eye.  Thanks so much for your concern.  As you can see, his energy level is more than normal!  The eye itself is still a bit wet, but the meds are working well.  Thanks again!

Question of the day:  Where do you go to unwind/ recharge? 

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