About Me

Halloween 2012:  A Vegan Cupcake!
Hi!  My I'm Jeanie, and welcome to Breakfast for Dinner!  I am a 27 year-old life-long Massachusetts resident. My hobbies include: running, baking, cooking, practicing yoga, spending time with my Golden Retriever, teaching, writing, reading and doing my best to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle (mind and body).  I also LOVE to travel, but my full-time job doesn't warrant as many travel opportunities as I'd like!
  The handsome hunk pictured below is my boyfriend of 4.5 years.  He is a motivated, hard working and driven man, who is my BIGGEST cheerleader.  In fact, before I posted my blog to the public, he would always encourage me to write, post and publicize my thoughts.  I love his confidence, and wish there was a way I could borrow some at times!  We live together in a house I bought almost five years ago.  Mark is a builder/ real estate investor by profession, so this summer he purchased a small cottage on Cape Cod as an investment property.  Although I know it will be torn down and beautiful condos will be built before I know it, I love that little house and can't wait to be down there as much as possible.  Mark and I  both love to run and often run in races together.  He specifically likes the races with the free beer and food at the end (who can blame him?).  This past summer we ran our first Falmouth Road Race together.

So why Breakfast for Dinner?
  Many people ask me why I chose this name for my blog.  Aside from being incredibly catchy, breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day, and I feel it does not get the attention it deserves!  Breakfast food options can be protein packed and filled with the fuel you need to conquer the day.... so why not have it for dinner?  As as kid, my mom would serve my brother and I breakfast for dinner a few times a month.  I LOVED these days and remember them vividly.  Now that I'm older, I know this probably meant that she was short on time, or the fridge wasn't stocked; but hey the memories really stuck with me!
  My blog in simply a compilation of healthy living (in my opinion).  My goal is to inspire and be inspired by writing and reading this blog, as well as the camaraderie built when experience and passion are shared among friends.  Thanks so much for checking out Breakfast for Dinner and I hope to hear from you soon!
Mark and I at Xel Ha, a natural water park in the Mayan Riviera.

Lolibaly Bay, Anegada BVI, April 2012

Tucker and I at Mark's Birthday clambake circa 2011.  He was only six months old!!


  1. Way to go Jeanie! Love the look of the blog!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Thanks for reading, commenting and visiting!!!

  2. Hi Jeanie! I just found your blog and I love it! Breakfast is my favorite meal too! Oh and Tucker is aaaadorable :)

    1. Thanks SO much for stopping by! Feel free to come early and often, especially tomorrow because I'm posting an AMAZING hummus recipe!!!

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