Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Review: Distant Shores, By Kristen Hannah

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  It's the absent minded blogger here... As of tomorrow I have officially been out of school for two weeks.  In some ways it feels like I could head back to room 501 tomorrow and in other ways it seems like I have been off for quite some time.  Anyways, throughout the last two weeks I have had a Bachelorette party, and about 14 people either staying, eating or showering with us at the cape to ring in the 4th of July... Lets just say I should have pre-scheduled blog posts!
  Anyways, I did finish a novel I had lying around titled Distant Shores.  My review is below with spoilers ( if you are interested in reading it stop here !)
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  Distant Shores, by Kristen Hannah starts off very similar to most of Hannah's novels:  The main character, a woman, who is unhappy in her marriage and yearning for some "else" in her life.  Elizabeth, or Birdie as they call her for sort, resides in a coastal suburban town in Washington state with her husband, a retired professional football player turned sports caster.  Birdie and Jack, her husband, attended the University of Washington and fell in love after a brief stint of "tutoring".  Birdie was a top student, and Jack not so much.  The two of them hit it off big when they were young and married immediately after college.  Jack was moved around a lot per order of his professional football career, leaving Elizabeth's dreams of obtaining a Masters in art a distant memory. Instead, the couple had two children, Stephanie and Jamie, and Birdie busied herself in their lives.  Once in NY Jack was quarterback for the New York Jets and his knee gave out.  This was a career ender for "Jumping Jack", sending him to a rehabilitation center, where he became addicted to prescribed pain medicine.  Jack was at rock bottom, or so he thought and Elizabeth stood by him.  She continued to stand by her man for the next 15 to 20 years as they bounced around to various small news stations because many of the bigger names refused to hire a man previously addicted to narcotics. After a brief visit to her father's southern home for Christmas, a big opportunity for Jack and a sudden tragedy  Elizabeth is forced to reevaluate her life.  She needed a change and with the help of her ailing father, picture perfect stepmother and best friend Meghan she found her niche for sure!
  The novel was not an all time favorite, but it was funny and heart warming at times.  I would recommend this book to someone married with grown children, seeing as though it may touch the "empty nester" a bit more than it did my 27-year-old-self.  All in all, a decent and quick read.  I love  how Hannah portrays and develops her characters; another reason why she's a favorite of mine.
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