Half Marathon Training

On Saturday March 17th I will run my third New Bedford Half Marathon!  I love this race for a variety of reasons.  First off, the race is organized by the New Bedford Track Club and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick: two honest and volunteer based organizations.  Second and most importantly, the proceeds raised from the event help provide athletic opportunities for middle school students  of New Bedford.  This is very important to me.  As a runner, so many of these races make a profit for a larger company like New Balance etc, but I like that the money from the NBHM goes back to the community and provides an opportunity that wouldn't typically be available.
  I started this half marathon tradition a few years ago when I taught in a different district.  I started running with a few guys I taught with.  Over the years, the "crew" so-to-speak has changed a bit, but we always run on Saturday mornings, and we tend to talk to one another as we run.  Initially, this was VERY hard for me, but I do think it adds a personal touch to dreary winter long runs.  We discuss the week before, week ahead, and life with one another while running.  When the run gets hard or I can feel myself losing steam, I pop in my head phones to gain focus, but I do welcome the conversation ( ie distraction) most of the time.
  I will post about each training run I complete them on an individual post basis, so stay tuned!

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