Other Blogs I Follow:

I read a LOT of blogs, which is why I decided to start my own.  Below are the blogs I read on a daily basis.  It is also important to note that they are professional blogs and bloggers!  I hope to one day have a blog this polished, but for now I do what I can ;)

Peanut Butter Fingers
This blog is put forth by Julie Fagan, a blogger out of Florida.  She primarily blogs about fitness, individual workouts, travel, books, foods, etc.  I would have to say she was probably the most influential blogger for me, because we share a lot of the same interests etc.  She also offers giveaways on occasion, blog tips, and a virtual book club each month.  Go Julie!

Carrots and Cake
I recently started reading this blog and fell in love!  This blogger is a fellow Massachusetts resident, who also blogs about healthy living.  She started her blog  as sort of a virtual food journal in preparation for her upcoming wedding, and then it really took off!  She also sponsors many giveaways, and has some travel recommendations as well.  Carrots and Cake also got a book deal a few years ago, which you can read more about!

The Small Things Blog
Meet Kate!! Kate is a hair and make-up stylist from Raleigh.  She is Christian and is very passionate about her faith.  She is also artsy and posts a lot about fashion, make-up, baking and home decor.  Kate  offers hair tutorial videos, which I love and use frequently!  Recently, she published a cookbook with her mom and sister, as well as appearing on a billboard in Times Square!

Hidden Fruits and Veggies
Calling all Vegans/Vegetarians!!!!  Kelly, the blogger behind of Hidden Fruits and Veggies, provides COUNTLESS breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer and dessert recipes jam-packed with fruits and veggies.  According to Kelly's "about me" page. she stopped eating meat as a teen, so the majority of the recipes she posts, and photographs beautifully, are vegetarian or vegan friendly.  Log in, pour a cup of joe and plan your Meatless Monday Meals for the next Month!

Happy Being Healthy
  Meet Melanie, a Jesus loving mother of five.  Melanie blogs about integrating fitness and healthy eating into her household.  She has a gorgeous family, and is truly an inspiration for those who want to have children and create strong family values and bonds. She also post fantastic no fail recipes, such as her quinoa burgers and sweet potato fries.  Yum!


  1. So flattered to be on this list! I saw it last night and have basically been blushing every since at being called a professional blogger :)

  2. Kelly,
    You are so welcome! I love your recipes!

  3. Thanks so much for adding me to your list Jeanie! I am extremely flattered. You are so sweet. ;-)