Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a perfect end to a crazy day....

 For those of you who reside in MA and either have school-aged children or work with school-aged children, you are WELL aware that its MCAS week(s)!  Today was day one of the Reading Comprehension MCAS for my district, and we had a snow day yesterday.. PERFECT TIMING!  
  Needless to say, I woke up as early as possible, scraped off my car and headed into work.  For the most part, my students worked hard and were diligent while testing,  but I was bored STIFF!  Come 2:30, I couldn't wait to stretch out my limbs at one of my favorite yogas classes of the week:  Wednesday @ 6pm Open Doors, East Bridgewater Studio.  The  instructor, Colleen Finn, has the BEST play list, allowing me to whole-heartedly "veg" out while twisting and contorting my body into all kinds of moves.

  Tonight she even placed a cold rock on my forehead while in savasana,  completely cooling and realizing my warm face.. Wahoo!
a cool rock + ADELE+ a well-deserved savasana = a GREAT end to a hectic day!

Before yoga, I found some STELLAR recipes on a new blog I found today, Hidden Fruits and Veggies.  I am planning on making Banana's Foster over night oats in the  slow cooker, and some Buffalo Vegan Mac and Cheese very soon.  I pinned all recipes to my Pinterest account so feel free to check them out. Stay tuned!

Question of the day:
What's your perfect end to a stressful day?

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