Friday, March 29, 2013

Lenten-Friendly Recipe Week: Final Post

 Happy Good Friday!

 I'm blogging today from Beach Plum Bakery, the cutest coffee shop & bakery around!  I absolutely love this place, and have been visiting since I was a little girl.  This shop sells award winning muffin tops, and my Mom and I would frequently visit during the summer months. This morning,  I decided to take advantage of their delicious food, iced coffee and internet access.  Eating here reminds me so much of summer, I can almost feel  it coming!

Their welcoming sign, minus the lush summer landscape!

  Seeing that it is Good Friday, I have two more Lenten- Friendly recipes coming your way that are sure things!  Both of these recipes have become staples in my monthly repertoire, and I so excited to share these fool-proof beauties with you!  I love fish, especially grilled, but this time of year is tricky for that in MA! I have fallen in loved with these two staple fish recipes this winter.
Walnut Salmon:
1/2 c walnuts
1/3 cup panko (you can use all varieties of panko)
Blend this in the immersion blender until fine.
1lb salmon brushed with lemon juice (If you don’t have it I have used cooking wine before and it worked well)
Press the nuts mixture into the salmon and bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes
Drizzle with syrup for added pizzaz

Parmesan fish topping:
 I like this fish topping for more a of a protein packed meal instead of the traditional breading with butter
1/2 c parm cheese
3 tbs plain greek yogurt
2 TBS lemon juice
several shakes of Old Bay Seasoning
1 TBS minced garlic
* Makes enough for 1.5 lbs of fish. I have used haddock, cod and tilapia with this in the past.
-bake fish for 12 minutes brushed with the lemon juice.
-take out and spread cheese mixture on top
-bake for another 4 to 5 minutes, or until flakey

Easter is around the corner!  

  I can't wait for this Easter weekend!  Mark and I decided to spend Easter on the Cape, and spend the entire weekend at our cape cottage.  I am very excited for this because I love the Cape, but also because  this weekend concludes Mark's busy season at work.  This weekend and for the next few, we will have ample to spend however we choose.  In fact,  we already agreed on seeing a movie at some point and spending as much time as possible outdoors. 
 This morning I started prepping the cape house for inhabitants, and a cleaning company is there as I type.  I also have MANY loads of laundry to tackle before we spend the night.
  Last night I was thinking about Easter as a kids, and devouring countless pieces of sugary candy and gum all day, and for the days to come.  You all know my obsession with Cadbury Mini Eggs!   Knowing how much I have changed since then, I was thinking of how I will handle this day when it is my turn to have children? How much do you let them have? 
 My thoughts on holidays are as follows:
-indulge, but not to oblivion.  Evaluate what there is to eat and what your choices will be.  Eat breakfast before you go, so you are not starving.
-always include a workout before the fun begins
-walk after dinner

As far as the kiddos are concerned.... I don't have children or firsthand experience, but I can foresee this being a struggle as a parent.  Recently, I found this great Pinterest link regarding Easter for kids.  The link includes fun basket ideas will less sugar and more long-lasting fun.  I will include that link below.
Health-i-fied Easter Basket Options (This is not my work)
 Wishing all of you a happy and healthy weekend!

Question for the day:
What is you favorite Easter Candy?

What is your favorite holiday food, splurge or not?

The favorite candy is a no brainer.  I adore Cadbury Mini Eggs!.  As far as a holiday splurge, My Aunt makes these sticky buns that are sinful, sugar coated and irresistible!  I usually cut them in fourths and enjoy a quarter.  

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