Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mornings with Mark!

This morning was a pleasant surprise!
  As I mentioned before, Mark's work schedule has been VERY crazy lately, leaving little time to spend time just the two of us. I am typically really at good at being alone and fending for myself, but this week it started to bother me.  Although Mark is working again this week, his homeshow started later than expected leaving us the a few hours this morning to chat, spend time with the dog and make breakfast together.  This also means I skipped my second favorite yoga class of the week, but it was worth it!
  We decided to make a veggies and egg/egg white scramble with whatever we had in the fridge.

Our "scramble" veggies.  We mixed these with 4 eggs and three egg whites.
Mark then added all the ingredients together and served a delicous and protein packed brekfast.  I washed this town with a cup of coffee and ationed myself at the computer while he got ready.  I decided to seek out some decent white fish recipes for the blog and to eat this week becasue fish is on sale.  Not to mention, I feel that white fish is all to tradionally served with white wine, butter and crumbs and wanted to branch out a bit.  I found some good recipes, so stay tuned!

My Workout:
  Since I skipped yoga and got a bit carried away with my white fish recipes, I had not a tremendous amount of time to  workout before a bridesmaid gathering and a bithday party at 4.  I decided to run for time at the gym; something I haven't done in a while because I was focused more on distance.  Lets just say I felt it!  I ran 4 miles at 7.8 speed with a slight incline.  I was actually sad to leave beause I was watching one of the many Bring It On movies.  Nothing like a poorly made teen movie to get me hooked!  I then got off and did an ab yoga sequence and some push ups and dips.
Yoga sequence:
down  dog
to high plank
to low plank
back up to high
knee to nose
knee to left elbow
knee to right elbow
repeat x 3

10 push ups
10 TRX dips

So Handsome!
NIce and tired!
I returned home to an excited pup!  As opposed to walking Tuck ,which can get mundane although relaxing at times, we ventured into the backyard to play a little "tennis".  This translates into me hitting the ball and him fetching it, and repeating this process about 25 times or so!

 Ok, off to my bridesmaid gathering/ birthday party!
Happy Saturday,

Hummus from Lebanon as promised:
1 can chick peas rinsed
3 TBS tahini
1/2c lemon juice
1 clove garlic minced
2 TBS water
Grind in immersion blender
add salt to taste ( I added about 2 tsp total)

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