Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ten miles.....

Today yielded my last scheduled long run for the NB half Marathon( believe it or not, it's just 2 weeks away!).  I would like to squeeze one more run in at some point, but today was the last "planned" jaunt.  Nate, my running buddy, and I started off around 9am.  The wind was pesky for the first mile or so, but subsided  as we got going.  Our times for the first three miles were nine minutes and change.  I had my "reminder' set to update if we were slower than nine minute miles, but I simply turned down the volume. We felt good and were conversing as we were running; that's all that matters!  The two of us visibly caught stride the last mile and a half or so before the midway point, because our times were better and I could feel my heart rate climb.  Love that feeling!
  We planted water at the mid point.  Today, I enjoyed a few sips of red Gatorade, as well as three Swedish Fish.  I used to use Sport Beans for mid run energy, but they leave my stomach feeling funky, Last year, a friend and marathon runner suggested Swedish Fish, so I tried them a few weeks ago.  Thus far, I like them and the seem to be doing the trick. They don't dry out my mouth as much as the beans do; the small things in life!   Our time at the mid point was 48 minutes and change, which yields 8:40 ish splits... I'll take it!  And then .. my phone died ;(
  We ran home sans music or a timing device, but we felt great!  Nate and I conversed and the remaining five miles passed quickly.. In fact, as we approached my house the two of us were shocked it was Over.  Now that is the long run I was looking for.  My assumptions (according to start and end time) we were right under nine minute miles the whole way.  

After the run I showered and headed off  to my parents to get the summer clothing I needed for ........ LAS VEGAS!!!! In the hustle and bustle of last week, I neglected to blog about our upcoming trip to sin city!!  I can't wait.  Mark and I will be joined by my friend Katie, her Fiance Andrew, Mark's friend Gene, our friend Ashley from NYC, and Mark's other friend Allen.  We are staying at Caesar's ,and I am VERY excited about the lavish pool that is advertised online.  I don't think I have seen a pool like that before, never mind swam in one!    Unfortunately, I have been scoping the weather all day and it isn't looking promising yet, but weather can change thank goodness! Anyway,  I wanted to grab some summer essentials from the cape cottage, as well as spend time with my mom and brother.  My mom whipped up a delicious homemade pizza just as Tucker and I arrived.  Yum!  I had to pass on pizza since my stomach was left a bit unsettled after the run.  In fact, its still ia rather unsettled, so I have limited foods to report from today!  

More good news.... tomorrow I will share the world's BEST Hummus recipe with you folks.  Recently, a student  and her mom made me traditional humus from Iran.  It is scrumptious!  Stay tuned for the recipe!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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