Saturday, March 16, 2013

Race Anxiety....

Well.. This week has been a world-win, but it's time to put progress reports, the time change, a baby shower and a sick pup aside because....  THE NEW BEDFORD HALF MARATHON IS TOMORROW.
  I have been pushing through some major race anxiety all day.  I have been far less anxious about this race then I have in the past, so I'm unsure of why this is happening.  My only guesses are as follows:
1)  I followed a different training plan this time, which did not include a long run during the last 10 days of training.
2) While at the gym on Wednesday a pesky pain developed in the side of my left foot.  Ironically, this is exactly where I had some major issues last year, forcing me to "run for fun" and do what I could.  I have trained hard this year and do not want that to happen again.  "C'mon little tootsie we're doing this!".

  I was more than cognizant about eating and drinking today.  I successfully drank 4 almost 5 24 oz Camel Bak water bottles, and ate as well balanced as I could for a gal with limited groceries until 7pm!

Breakfast:  Whole wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter and a string cheese

Snack:  Kashi stone ground wheat cracker and Swiss

Lunch:  1 slice veggie pizza and a salad with LOTS grilled chicken and homemade dressing.

Dinner: whole wheat pasta with a lemon, veggie and Greek yogurt sauce (this can be found on my Pinterest)
  While at the grocery store I also purchased some race essentials:  Swedish fish (my new running fuel),  red Gatorade, and some bananas.  Sadly, there is no way these green goddesses will be ripe by the morning.  This is a big pet peeve of mine.  I just want to by ripe bananas ALL the time.

 The race starts at 11, but we are meeting at 8:45.  I will probably eat in the car and try not to drink too much before hand.

Regardless of the root, my heart has been pumping all day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be smooth sailing and I will have an upbeat, positive and thought provoking post to share!  If not, well I will not be TOO bitter for TOO long!

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