Friday, March 22, 2013

TGIF.... and a sick pup!

 Happy Friday!
  I was very excited for it to be Friday this morning, so excited that I almost forgot to wake up!  My Iphone died over night, leaving me sans alarm this morning.  Luckily for me, I awoke at 6:04 and started running around frantically to "get ready".  I put the "get ready" in quotes (air quotes as my students say), because this term needs to be used very lightly.  I have been VERY lazy this week and for the past couple, when dressing for work.  Getting ready this morning consisted of showering and brushing my wet hair/teeth, assembling the wet locks into a bun, throwing on my casual Friday school sweat shirt and vacating the bathroom!
  In my haste this morning, I noticed Tucker had a not-so-good looking left eye, so I made a mental note to call the vet. Even though I was late, I made it to school  with time to spare and began my day.  Due to the snow and a week filled to the brim with standardized testing, all four of my classes are in  different places.  Today started a two-day game of catch up.
  All day long I was eager to get a workout in.  I was planning on watching Say Yes to the Dress while pedaling away in the elliptical or running on the treadmill.  I thought about this countless times today and was mentally planning my attack........Does anyone else have these visions while working?
 This all changed around 1:15 when I started feeling a bit sick. I had my typical Friday afternoon headache, with a sore throat that just wouldn't quit.  I made a tea, filled up my Camel Bak a third time and hoped.  I was feeling worse come 2:40 when I departed  school. By the time I made it to pick up my furry friend, I was feeling awful.  I also realized I forgot to call and make an appointment for Tucker's now totally green eye.  gross and whoops!
  We ended up heading to the vet around 5 ,and they did a variety of tests on Tuck's eye that involved green dye.  He amazes me sometimes.  The vet poked, prodded, wiped and squirted both of his eyes countless times, and he just laid there; content with life.  He also scored some big time treats afterwards, which will be his last for a while because he weighed in at 73.3lbs!!!  This is the most my main man has ever weighed!  I had the vet check his ribs and waist to ensure he wasn't overweight ,and she  assured me he was more than fine.  I get paranoid about that sort of thing.  I want this pooch to live a long healthy life; therefore I do my best to offer his a vast variety of fitness opportunities and healthy treats!
Thanks Mom!

Upcoming weekend events I'm excited about ....
-My second favorite yoga class of the week  Saturday's at 8:30
-Dinner with Mark!  This first dinner we have eaten together in weeks, due his  long hours at work!
-A lunch/ walking date with my Mom on the cape this Sunday.  She is another one I haven't seen in ages.
All in all, It will be great! 

Questions of the Day:
What plan are you entertaining this weekend?
Do you have a favorite workout specific for the weekends?

ps... I am trying another authentic hummus tomorrow for a get-together I'm attending.  I will make sure to post the recipe ASAP.  This one is from Lebanon. ;)

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