Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rain in the desert!

What are the odds that it would rain in Las Vegas on our visit?  Not likely, but it happened!
  Friday was dark and dreary and strongly resembled New England in March when I looked out the window.  I headed off to the gym early, because clearly we wouldn't be racing to the pool anytime soon!
  I did a light workout today in preparation for a long day of travel.  I DESPISE sitting for long periods of time, and it is even worse with tight muscles!  Since we will be flying home and in a sitting position for close to 8 hours, I figured a light workout to wake up my muscles would suffice.  My workout was as follows:
  Foam rolling (my favorite)
10 miles on the stationary bike  the low seater)
20 minutes on the elliptical with a low level of intensity.

A ab yoga sequence that consists of the following moves:
down dog, to low plank, to up dog and back to down dog again.

Then in between each of these I would do knee to shoulders and knee in the center

I repeated this three times.

Today we are planning on going to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef, and to grab some breakfast at a highly recommended and reviewed restaurant, Serendipity 3.  They have 2 locations in NYC, and one was the basis around the movie Serendipity.  I am excited to try it!

Brunch and Sharks!
  Serendipity 3 was EXACTLY how it was reviewed, suggested and described: DELECTABLE!
The place itself is adorned in pink and white stripes, with painted lanterns and a purple and pink clock with a face.  The dining room was hopping, probably because they offer outdoor seating and that was avoided due to the rain.  We sat in a table for four with a capped end in the corner.  Our waiter was VERY upbeat and determined to make our visit memorable.  We ordered a round of mimosas and"bowl" mugs of coffee to start, as well as one of their famous "frozen hot chocolates".

Cheers Governor!
This reminded me of a Wendy's Frosty

Hello Serendipity!

 We ordered a variety of delicious items!   The boys spotted an enormous sandwich pictured in the menu and ordered it on the spot.  katie and I decided to spilt a tomato, basil and mozzarella omelet and 2 blueberry pancakes (I'm a sucker for pancakes as it is, but these were advertised as "bigger than your face" pancakes.... how could I NOT order them ??).  The food items came quickly and put us into an instant food coma... so. much. food!
biggest sandwich ever!
Our Omelet!

 Perhaps a more intense workout was needed this morning an the gym this morning ?

  During the afternoon we visited Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef and it was VERY intriguing!  The majority of the animals there and extremely rare, including a Komodo Dragon!  They had several tanks you could walk through, inquire with the well-educated staff, or touch a sting ray.
  On the whole the reef was very interesting, and a definite site to see if you bring kids to Vegas, or are simply looking to gain some knowledge while in Sin City.  However, if it was 90 and sunny, I wouldn't have gone.
Shark hats in the gift shop!


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