Sunday, March 24, 2013

Date Night: CBS Scene

Mark I and I met at Patriot's Place for a much needed date night.  He was working nearby, and my afternoon birthday party wrapped up just in time.

  After browsing Open Table for restaurant options, we decided on CBS Scene because we figured we could watch the March Madness games with ease!  Our reservation was at 8:30 ,and we were seated right away (score).  We each ordered a light beer to sip on while we browsed their extensive menu. 

Mark ordered seared scallops over a bed of parmesan risotto.  I went for the grilled vegetables, hummus and goat cheese wrap, and added grilled chicken.  The sandwich was served with fries, which I was unaware of  when I ordered. 
Doesn't this look delicious!
 I won't lie Mark and I each had a couple, but most were thrown out.  I am specific about french fries.  I like certain restaurant's fries, but these were't my favorite.  It was great to catch up on life tonight, and simply be on a date.  This is something we need to work on: making it a point to make date nights to spend time together.  We were diligent about this over the summer, and Wednesday's were "our" night. Nothing interfered and we had a blast.  I'm hoping we recreate this tradition  once Mark's busy season is complete.  Hello date nights!
  The CBS scene was incredible!  Upon walking in there are wall to wall projection, flat screen and massive TVs.  This is the IDEAL venue to watch a sports game.  Each booth is also equipped with an individual TV and speaker.  While we ate we watched Gonzaga lose, which caused quite the uproar  in the bar area ( I had them in my bracket too ;( ).  I will definitely venture back to CBS Scene.  The food was  delicious, the menu offered MANY options ( both healthified and not),  and our service was on par.  I had some of the house-made lemon hummus in my sandwich and it was quite good.  Next time I go, I may order the hummus plater appetizer to enjoy more of this hummus.  The hummus platter was served with pita bread, veggies and olives for dipping.  Mark decided next time he wants to try the nachos because it seemed like every table was ordering  this dish.  ;)
Happy Sunday!

Question of the day:
Where is your favorite date night spot?

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