Thursday, March 14, 2013

Old Vegas!

 We visited "Old Vegas" on our last night in Sin City and it was my absolute favorite.  It reminds me of Hampton Beach, NH and  Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard rolled into one!  The entire strip starts at a well-known hotel, The Golden Nugget.  Inside the Golden Nugget is a chocolate shop, The Chocolate Box, that carries exquisite homemade chocolate, fudge, cake balls, ice cream etc.  The candies look amazing, and I bought a few tidbits to take home for my mom.

 There is a  roof covering constructed entirely of LCD screens that play every half hours or so. The show is equipped with lights and music, is definitely a site if you have never been.  We got drinks on the street (love this concept) and listened to a few of the live bands playing.

We then headed to Oscar's Steakhouse, which we found out is owned by a former governmental figure for Las Vegas known for his steak and his women!  The food at Oscars was terrific, and the  atmosphere was even better.  They had loungers and couches to enjoy a view of the strip,  before we sat at our high top table.  Definitely a good time!

Overall, eating in Vegas is delicious, but far from "clean".  Your body (if you're from the east coast) is confused, due to the time difference, and you are SURROUNDED by tempting treats.  I took each day with a grain of salt and did my best to visit the gym as planned.  At home I watch my carb intake after lunch, especially on the days I do not have a workout planned, or not one packed with cardio.  This was not really an option in Vegas, and I definitely felt it after the last day there. It was almost a nice reminder of why I do what I do for my body, and the benefits I feel ;).

  Lessons Learned from Eating while Traveling:
Texas de Brazil
  We ate at Texas de Brazil our second night in Vegas and I really enjoyed it.  I had been before in Aruba, but have not been back.  The Vegas location was very similar and offered a true variety of meal options.  The restaurant itself is Brazilian Barbecue, but they also offer an EXTENSIVE salad bar that comes before the main meal meats.  I had great luck at the salad bar for both protein and veggies.  There were many bean salads, fish options, cheese, chickpeas and lunch meats for protein on the salad bar.  I'm not sure if you have read any of my previous posts about the trip, BUT earlier this day I consumed an ENORMOUS pretzel and was feeling a little Blah come dinner.  Texas de Brazil offers a  light dinner and a full dinner option.  I opted for the light dinner, and felt MORE than satisfied with my salad and sushi with brown rice.  If you're traveling and run into one of these, it is a safe option where there is a lot of choices.
 Splitting or Sharing Meals:
  I'm not sure if this is because I do not eat out extensively, but the portion sizes in Las Vegas were HUGE.  Some of the entrees we ordered could easily have been spilt three ways comfortably.  Katie and I caught on to this and started sharing menu items, simply to avoid over eating.  The problem is the food is GREAT and the prices are HIGH, and I feel that this creates this "mission to over eat monster" inside yourself.  Tell that monster to go back to his home because this is the reality:  You are traveling and food in resort locations isn't cheap.  You are not a goldfish.  Stop Eating!
Eat Breakfast:
  I am a HUGE supporter of breakfast and breakfast foods (big surprise I know), but breakfast really helped me out while traveling.  I felt that if I ate fruit and a bar, or even fruit and coffee at breakfast time, I was not famished by the time all six of us were up and ready to go to lunch.  Seeing that this was in some cases noon or 1pm, that is too late for a first meal.  The fruit, bar and coffee held me over and subsided my hunger, so I wouldn't eat a trough of delicious french fries at our lunch location!
Airplane eating:
  This is a BIG problem of mine.  I eat too much on airplane out of boredom and easy access.  This is unnecessary and I did well on the plane right there.  On the way home, however, I was not as strong.  I was eating everything in sight and felt horrible the whole next day.  In retrospect, I wish I had taken in more water, as opposed to salty or sugary packaged foods.

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