Saturday, March 2, 2013

long runs on school days.....

Good Morning,
  What a WEEK!!!!!  My goodness, this week has been crazy, and I have totally neglected Breakfast for Dinner because if it.  My sincere apologies! I will, eventually, find the balance of my "passions" and commitments: working grading, working out and blogging ;)

 Since I missed my long training run last Saturday and the Cycle for Survival event was Sunday, I needed to squeeze in a long run this week.  Lets just say.... I know why, for the last eight years as a runner, I have never completed as long run on a school day! it is MUCH harder to motivate and energize your body to run a longer route,  after a day at work.  That being said, the run went surprisingly well.
  I needed an energy boost before the run, seeing that 4pm isn't axactly and energy high point for me . (if it is for you...  I need your seceret!!).  I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and tried a Kashi protein bar dipped in greek yogurt.  The bar's carb to sugar to protein levels are not something I would  me to buy regularly.... but it was tasty and DEFINITELY boosted my energy ;).

The bar has:
 190 cals
19 grams of sugar
33 carbs
10 grams of protein
 The carbs are higher than bars I can eat everyday, but they are GREAT for a pre run meal.  Also, I like Kashi products because they  include whole grains, fiber, and less preservatives and fillers than their competition.  I would buy this bar again.  They had a couple flavors as well.  The one I chose was oatmeal raisin, but they had chocolate almond, and chocolate peanut butter as well.

Another great food I found ....
Recently, my Mom and I stopped at Roche. Bros. to pick up a few  items she needed for dinner .  While there, my sensitive sniffer lead me to the free samples table set up near the bakery section (no surprise there).  The featured company, Fancy Pants Bakery,  is out of East Walpole , Ma ( go local!!), and the woman was so nice.  She shared that their CRUNCH cookies are all natural and completely nut free.  They also have only have 50 calories per cookie!!  My mom and I each bought a package to have as a smarter "treat", because sometimes you just need a treat !  Since then, I have connected with the company via social media.  They post regularly on twitter and facebook regarding sample sessions, new products, and giveaways.  Fancy Pants also offers hand decorated occasion cookies (showers, children's parties) and other holiday themed cookies.   It is definitely worth checking them out !!!!.
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Question for the day:
How do you "fuel up" for a longer run?

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