Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Belated Easter

What a Weekend!
  This weekend was jam-packed with family, fun, and hard work to get our Cape cottage ready for the season.  I apologize for being distant, but we do not have internet or cable at the cottage.  It was something that meant a lot to me last summer, because I felt Mark, myself and the guests that visited, could truly connect and chat without technological distraction.  I realized this weekend this will make blogging infinitely harder, and Mark and I are looking into internet and cable options.

  Friday was a day filled with hard work! After I posted the last lenten friendly recipe post,  I had to get  our house ready for inhabitants.  I relied heavily on Josi's Cleaners and Delkin Laundomat to assist me with these tasks!  The ladies from Josi's cleaners arrived right now time (8am!!) and got started on our cottage.  Meanwhile, I collected all of our laundry/ bedding and pillows and headed to the laundromat.  Not only do we not have cable and internet at the cottage, we also don't have a washer and dryer. Both would have come in handy ;) 
All my hard work!
Stop cleaning and PLAY WITH ME!!!
 After all the laundry was washed, dried and put away, and the cleaning service had left, the house was spotless and I headed out for an amazing run.  I planned on doing about 4 miles, but ended up running five because the landscape was simply picturesque.  I kept running to get a better view of Nantucket Sound, Martha's Vineyard and the coastline; and before I knew it I  was five miles from home.  I love when this happens.
Hello Heights Beach!!! Check out these clouds, they look fake ! ;)

Oh Martha... How I've missed you ;)
  After my run, my mom came over and we headed over to visit with my Aunts and Uncle.  My Mom and her sisters have an Easter tradition of making traditional Italian Easter foods.  The make Strufollies( sp) and Pizzagana(sp).  Strufollies are small pieces of dough that are deep friend until crisp, and covered with a sugary syrup and sprinkles.  Pizzaganaa is like an egg, ham and cheese pie with a top and bottom crust.  Strufollies are not my favorite, but I love pizzagana, although it is definitely not a healthy choice!  After a quick visit, Mark picked me up, and we headed to a new restaurant that he was eager to try:  DJ's Famous Wings.  Dj's is a new restaurant in town, and I think they will do quite well.  They offer a wide variety of drinks and food items, as well as specialty nights.  Mark and I sat in a booth equipped with our own TV for March Madness ( I am sensing a trend here).  Mark and I each ordered a light beer, and Mark ordered the honey barbecue boneless wings.  Mark adores wings of all varieties, and since this place is known for their wings and they offer 16 wing sauces, I thought why not? ( They even offer Peanut Butter and Jelly as a wing sauce!!).  The wings arrived quickly and really were delicious.  They were served with house-made blue cheese as well, which had poppy seeds inside it;  a welcomed addition.  I loved scooping up the mixture with the celery pieces.  For dinner, I ordered fish, and Mark ordered ribs;  another dish they are well-known for.  The food was delicious and plentiful; we left with three take out boxes!
Mark and his beer of choice: a Cape Cod Blonde... (insert witty remark here!)
  Mark had a few appointments booked on Saturday, and my bother and I had plans to visit  and have lunch with my Gramp.  He made his homemade raviolis for lunch, which I really do love.  Unfortunately, my Gramp like to eat early, and I wasn't quite ravioli ready at barely noon!  Oh well, more for everyone else!  My Gramp also sent us home with quite the spread of desserts to conclude our easter meal.  He made a cheesecake, brownies and red velvet cupcakes ;)
  Later on, Mark and I met my parents for sushi and chinese food, as well as three competitive games of bowling.  Bowling is an on going joke between my Mom and I because we are terrible, and my brother and mark take it VERY seriously.  We ended up winning a game and losing the other two.  Oh well!
  Easter started and ended  fantastic! We started the day off by dying eggs and giving Tuck his Easter treat basket; boy was he psyched!

In the sink for an easy clean up!

 Mark and I ran for time with Tucker, which is quite the feat.  As energetic as Tuck is, he often throws himself down and refuses to run with us.  This time he was more than willing, and we ended up going four full miles with him willingly.  We then visited Surf Drive Beach and let Tuck run and swim.  he loves the water  more than anything, and it is so great to see.  

After showering and cleaning up the house from the weekend's antics we met at my parents for a casual Easter meal. My mom made a chicken cordon bleu recipe with panko, and she spoiled us with candy.  Of course I go mini eggs and almost left them behind.  Those things bring out the worst in me!
  Mark and returned home around 5 and started cleaning  and unpacking. I'm also hosting an Arbonne party this weekend, and need my house be be spotless and well decorated.  Since it is currently neither of those things, we figured we would start ;)
  On the whole the weekend was great.  It was also a wonderful taste of sumer. and my Cape Cod life.  On the other hand, I have big time eating regrets (thank goodness my workouts were consistent).  I wish I had purchased more foods to have at the cottage, so I could at least eat breakfast and/or lunch at home.  I can handle eating out, but not for every meal.  Also, holidays tend to make bad choices very readily available.  As soon as I got home, I made some Bananas Foster Crock Pot Oats for this week, as well as some hard boiled eggs.  I feel that if I have good choices around me, that it is easier to choose those over the alternative.  Also, on the menu for dinner tonight: cajun swordfish

Questions of the day:  
Do you ever feel regretful about your eating choices?  If so, what do you do to remedy these feelings?

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  1. I LOVE all your pictures! What a beautiful place to go for a run. We lived in New England (RI and NH) for 6 years and I miss it! I loved the Cape, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. What a fun place to live!

    I also love your sweet doggie and his little Easter basket. Too cute!