Friday, April 19, 2013


 I write again, a second time this week, to pay tribute to my city, my part-time home for a few years, and ultimately to the state of Massachusetts.  Before my Mom departed Jamaica, our April vacation island home,  she made a great point.  She said she was afraid to come here to the island, to travel alone and at night, but after the recent happenings in our own fearless city, one can never be so sure.

  All I know is this:  hold you family, children, pets and friends close today simply because they are with you and unharmed.  Pray for those who were affected on Monday, and for the the injured police officer and his family affected again last night.  We must unite as a human race to fight off violence of all kinds, especially violent episodes at undeserving as this those of this past week.
  I am in some ways thankful that I am not in school this week. Although I would love to see each and everyone one of my students and colleagues to ensure that they are safe and well, I'm not sure how I would do with their innocent, relevant questions.
How would I ease their anxieties?  In a place where I preach acceptance, kindness and equality for all.  How would I defend my views now?  How would I field questions from close to 90 eleven and twelve year olds regarding the recent attacks on Boston, their home cite as well ?   How could I tell them that it is okay to be angry, sad, hopeful, but to sit and wait for justice to take its course?  Will it take it's course?
  I guess these are answers I will never know.

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