Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kick Ass 5k!!!

Happy National Autism Awareness Day!  This post is in blue to spread awareness for autism ;)

Man do I have a GREAT opportunity for you!!!
  One of the blogs I began reading recently, Run Stronger Everyday, has a great opportunity to support a worthy cause, experience some of the warm weather we (New Englanders) are experiencing lately, and  exercise for 3.1 miles!! What a win, win!!!
  Abby, the blogger behind Running Stronger Everyday, has (had, read her blog for more details) Ulcerative Colitis, an auto-immune disease that attacks the digestive system.   She has truly been through the ringer with this disease; one that affects many women I know (and men too, probably, I just don't know any).  
  Anyways, Abby is running the Chicago Half Marathon for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.  To aide in her fundraising venture, she is hosting a Virtual 5K on April 9th, 2013. All participant's donate $15 to her fundraising page, and run, walk, bike, hope, jump or skip for 3.1 miles total.  Still not satisfied?!?!  Well, the amazing Abby is entering all participants into a raffle for miscellaneous gear. The exact items are not listed, but she does promise for the loot to be great! Ps- Abby moonlights as a Lululemon Ambassador... need I say more?!?!
  Wondering how you  join me on this journey to kick some ASS?
1) Click the link below to read  the full story on the Virtual 5K
Kick ASS Post and Donation Link
2) From there, Click her donation page link to donate your $15.  Abby will also email you a "race" bib!
3) Tweet, Facebook, or Blog (if you have one) for added entries into her super cool raffle ;)

If you are planning on participating, "holla" at me via commenting on this post, Twitter, or email !  I am super excited for this unique 5k opportunity, and I want to hear ALL about your workout plans!

Websites that may interest you:
Run Stronger Everyday
More info on Crohn's and Colitis
Allstate Chicago Half Marathon

Question of the Day:
Are you thinking of participating?  If so, what exercise mode will you choose to complete you 3.1 miles?

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