Friday, April 19, 2013

Catamaran Cruise to Doctor's Cave and Margaritaville

  Our hotel offers  motorized water sports for a small fee.  From day one, my Mom was looking for a half day catamaran snorkeling trip.  Lucky for us, the hotel offers one at a fair price, and since its Jamaica, the price is always negotiable!  The afternoon cruise left, which was a perfect activity after a long day in the sun.  Mark was eager to get on the water because he loves it, and he hates to sit still on the beach. However, I LOVE to sit and read; but usually I cave and play all kinds of activities with him!
  We ended up going on the cruise which stopped at the Doctor’s Cave beach reef and at Margaritaville Montego Bay.  Mark and I were in this area the day before, but it was till fun to visit again.  I have very few pictures from the boat ride itself, because we had a wet ride!  The wind was high and so wasn’t the surf.  This made the ride damp and entertaining.  In fact, it reminded me a lot of last April when Mark and I sailed the BVI with friends.  Good times! 
  While snorkeling, we saw a bunch of small fish such as angel fish, tiger fish and few rainbow and parrot fish.  These species were not nearly as large as we have seen in other areas, but they were still very fun to see and feed.  After about an hour of snorkeling, we headed over to Margaritaville. 

We ordered a few appetizers and drinks and ate quickly.  Mark and I were eager to use the water toys we had seen the day before.  After eating we headed out there.  We decided to use the large inflatable slide, which looked like fun.  We found out shortly that it was fun, but hard work to get up to the top.  The inflatable mountain had rope rungs to put your arms and feet in.  Lots of upper body strength was a necessity!



Here goes nothing!

  The boat ride back was much smoother and less crowded.  Many of the girls we went with had a dance party on the back, which allotted for MUCH more room on the front for viewing the sunset from the sea.  It was a LOVELY night.
Hidden Mark!

  The boat trip tired us out so much we grabbed a light dinner and headed to bed before nine.  Losers I know!  A few drinks in the sun really takes a toll on you!

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