Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boston Brain Tumor Ride Update

The plans for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride are in full swing!  The ride will take place on May 19th in Waltham , MA.  There are, like last year, three route options: a 10, 25, or 50 mile course.  Last year I rode the 50 miles, and it was TOUGH!  I was hopeful to do it again, but I am not sure if time will allow. You see, I train on a fitness bike because it was a lot less money than the road bikes ,which start at $1000!  The problem with my bike is it isn't as fast, so LONG rides take a LONG time (excuse the pun). Needless to say, my route choice is undecided!  My team, Riders for Rohan started their fundraising efforts with a BANG!  We have large shoes to fill since we received the top fundraising award last year, bringing in  a whopping $40,000!!!

  Personally, I decided to take a slightly different approach to fundraising.  Since it is hard to be solely reliant on friends and family donations, I decided to orchestrate gatherings to raise funds in a more creative way.
Our plans are as follows:

Grey Matters Benefit Event:
  On April 27th, A few members of Riders for Rohan and I,  organized a benefit night at the Turnpike Cafe in Canton , MA.  The night include a live band, intriguing raffle and silent auction items, light fare and a whole lots of FUN for a great cause.  I am very excited about this event, and was hopeful it could all pan out.  The planning is in full swing and many local business have been VERY generous in the raffle department ;)

Let's Walk the Lake for Brain Tumor's Sake:
  This is a new event I am organizing at school, with the help of the Peer Leaders and Students Council Members.  Students and faculty alike can pledge to walk Lake Massapoag for a $5 minimum donation, although larger donations are welcome.  The group will walk after school and then enjoy light snacks after the event.  There will be a T-shirt contest for groups that plan to walk together with some kid-friendly prizes.  I am VERY excited about this walking event.  What is better than getting out there and moving for a great cause?

Wednesday Morning Breakfast:
  Sarah and I are hosting a Wednesday morning breakfast for the staff at our school. The breakfast includes coffee, light breakfast items and non academic conversion with colleagues in all three grades.  It is a great time to sit back, relax, and have a face to face conversation with someone. This will also be the first day of "Grey Matters" bracelet sales.  I am super excited about the bracelets this year because we adopting a new lime green writing color.  NEON ROCKS!

I hope that these events help fundraising, but more so bring others together for this great cause!

Happy Thursday!
Question of the day:
  Do you have any great fundraising tactics?  If so, please share ;)

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