Thursday, April 25, 2013

A day in Negril, Jamaica

  I want to start this post by saying .. if you have not been to Seven Mile Beach YOU MUST GO!!! I am not a conosuir by any extent, but I have traveled all over the Caribbean, and this was the prettiest most happening beach I have been to! 
Mark ... on the way to 7 Mile Beach
  The cab ride from Mo Bay  took  a bit over an hour.  The driver first quoted us $180 USD, but after the week went on we got the trip for $120.  I love bargaining in Jamaica!  Our driver acted as a tour guide as he took us toward the west coast of the island.  We traveled through what looked like the countryside and learned all sorts of facts about Jamaica.  Such as…
  -Jamaica has 14 Parishes and each city has a parish.  These Parishes  run off donations and offer “kindegarten” for children ages 3 to 5 for a small fee. 
-We also learned that Jamaica has not welfare system or housing assistance, so people MUST work.  Many people who do not have work or full time work are forced to pedal goods in their time off.  Because of this, you do not need a license or permits to sell goods on the side of the road etc.
  After arriving in Negril we saw a series of American looking hotels (large and luxurious) as well as some smaller, more Caribbean styled, hotels.  I love stying in smaller paces like that, but not during my first time in a country.  We got dropped off in Margaritaville Negrill, which was perfect.  They have chairs and security that watches your items for a small tip.You do not need to eat or drink there, but it is of course suggested.  The chairs were located at a great spot on the beach, so we set up shop and started walking.  We walked for a solid hour and passed by all types of resorts, smaller hotels, shops, bars and restaurant.  The beach was truly pristine, and one of the better beaches I ave ever been to.  Mark and I walked and walked and grabbed a few drinks at Margaritaville  and headed into the water.  The water was so clear and the sand very smooth.  I was in heaven!

Largest Sting Ray I have ever seen in nature, about 3.5 feet across.  He was just hanging out while I swam!

  For lunch we at at The Treetop Hotel and Bar.   We dined on fresh fish fingers and a Caribbean lobster with herbed butter sauce.  The lunch was delicious and filled with Caribbean flare.  At around 3pm it started to rain, so we packed up shop and headed to Rick’s Café to cliff jump and watch the Sunset.

 This was a small hotel with a bar built around a tree and into the ocean.  Talk about "on" the water dining!
  Rick’s is a must-see if headed to Jamaica any time soon.  It is a restaurant built into a 35 foot jumping cliff.  The restaurant boasts great views of the west end of Jamaica, as well as a top notch sunset spot.  Unfortunately the clouds did not nullified the views and sunset we were promised, but I’m sure they would’ve been incredible.  As for the jumping, Mark jumped and I did not!  Jumping from a platform surrounded by jagged rock is not for me; although I know I should have because there are no guarantees I will have the opportunity again.  Oh well!
  We departed ricks around 5:45 and headed back to Mo Bay. 
On the whole this day was PERFECT and I would recommend going for sure!

Back to reality:
  I’m blogging from 35,000 feet, and it feels great!  Of course this won’t be posted until later tonight when my normal Internet service resumes, but it still feels good.  As much as I love vacation, it is also good to return to the comforts of routine. 
  Yesterday was a bittersweet day, like most last days of vacation tend to be.  Although I am so thankful for our law enforcement officials for finding both marathon bombing suspects and holding one in custody, it was a difficult week to be away from the ones you love.  Many of my friends and family live right in Boston, as Mark and I did when we were younger (Mark full-time me a frequent visitor).  I wanted to ensure that everybody, especially those who were close to me were safe and sound.  As gorgeous as Jamaica was, you couldn’t avoid the story.  CNN, other resort guests, cab drivers and local people alike were talking about it, and sharing their versions; while the whole time I longed to be back in my city with my loved ones and friends.
  We were determined to “pass the time” yesterday, although the weather wasn’t always cooperative.  Mark played a few rounds of beach volleyball, his primary exercise for the week.I tried to read, listen to music, take walks, talk to others etc.  We grabbed lunch around 12:30 and soon after the rain came.  We played cards to pass the time, and eventually packed up our stuff and became instantly glued to CNN.  Although the newscasts were repetitive and at some points ridiculous, it was comforting to see our city on tv, and to know that progress was being made.  It is silly to be worrying from so far, I know; but we both were.
   Right before dinner we discovered the second suspect had been found and was in police custody.  It felt like a boulder had bee lifted from my chest!We went to dinner eagerly!  I dined on a grilled salmon dish served over steamed baby spinach and mixed veggies.  The fish was great, as were the cold and hot appetizer options.  Mark and I decided to celebrate our last night of vacation by taking a plate of desserts up to the room and  eating them, while watching a movie.  We dined on German Chocolate Cake, Fruit Tart and Chocolate Cake Balls while watching …… A sweet ending to a blissful vacation!


Our flight was delayed an hour, and I passed the time grading the massive stack of papers I didn’t touch the entire trip (total teacher downfall).  We also met up with a family we met on the trip over.  They reside in Falmouth, the town we spend our summers and where my parents live.  It was great to have a few other humans to talk to considering Mark’s flight anxieties!  Sometimes the more talking he does, the less he realizes what’s to come.   Since Jamaica is behind 1 hr to Boston, the flight is only slotted to be 3.5 hours or so, which is perfect for Mark’s nerves, and my patience! 
  On the docket for the rest of the weekend… Tomorrow is Tucker’s SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!!!   I am very excited to see and celebrate with my big boy when I get home.  It is hard to Imagine that it has been almost two years since we picked him up from the breeder.  We plan to take him for a long swim, his favorite thing to do.  I also got a recipe for a dog cake fro a student of mine.  The cake calls for wheat free flour, peanut butter, bananas and carrots.  I know he will love it. 

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