Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kick ASS 5k in SHORTS!

Run Stronger Everyday's KICK ASS Virtual 5K  was TODAY!!!

All week I have been eyeing my iphone weather app, and have been BEYOND excited to participate in  Run Stronger Everyday's Kick Ass Virtual 5K!  The weather was the pick of the week, just south of Boston: Sun with some clouds and showers early on, high of 75!!!!
  All day at work I was eyeing the windows to scope out the day's beauty.  Right after my after school meeting, I hit the ground running and headed home.  I dug out some running shorts, dusted them off, and found a running tank tucked away in the basement.  I have had no need for these items for the past 5 months or so, so I was surprised how easy the weather appropriate outfit came together.  After pinning on my race bib and asking my neighbor to snap  a pre-run picture, I was off to the races! I had planned to run the route Tucker and I walked on Sunday, and I assumed it was around a 5K.  Typically I run longer than a 5k, especially in weather like this; but I have dinner plans, laundry and a MILLION papers to grade..

Ready to kick some a$$

  I started off very fast, and it caught up to me around mile 1.2, but I felt "okay".  My legs were tired from the 3 sets of weighted squats I did yesterday at the gym.  Halfway through, I hit this neighborhood filled to the brim with children playing outside, communicating, exercising, and having fun without any cell phones of electronic devices.  I LOVE seeing this, and I find it so rare these days.  Especially young kids, older kids, boy and girls alike, all sharing a basketball and hoop, just enjoying the afternoon rays. 
  After leaving the cul-de-sac, I turned the corner and headed home.  I ended up completing the 5k in 25 minutes or so, but felt tired, hot and out of breath.  While running, I discovered I have a cold, as opposed to the "allergies" I self- diagnosed earlier this week!  
Running nose + Sore throat+ extreme headache + muscle aches =  A cold!
 After the 5k, Tuck and I enjoyed a photo shoot in the yard.  He did his own doggie 5K today at daycare, and played a little tennis with me, while wearing the "official" race bib!  He is so tolerant of my crazy photo antics!
Poster Dog!

Tuck the badd ass! hahaha

Oh man ... Tuck looks much better than me!
  Okay, I must run to meet my mom and Brother for dinner.

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