Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Rally...

 Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

Tuck is in more of a lazy Saturday mood!
  All week long I felt like I was playing a mean game of catch up, in all aspects of life.  Although the Easter weekend was fun with family and friends on the Cape, it was far from productive in the planning and grading departments. I also left the weekend feeling .... fat ( for lack of a better word).  The combination of high calorie foods, sleeping less, and grabbing a quick drink with friends quickly caught up to me.   Ironically, I read one of my favorite blogs, Happy Being Healthy, and Melanie felt the same way.   Although she does have those 5 children that must play a small role in her exhaustion and eater candy availability HAH).  I decided I need to prioritize my week as far as eating, exercise and my  classroom.  Ready go...

1. Meal Prep:
 I started by making some of my favorite Bananas Foster Overnight Overnight Oats adapted from Hidden Fruits and Veggies a few weeks back.  The recipe is perfect for me, because it makes enough for the week, and served with greek yogurt, it hits all the food groups I'm looking for.  It is also easy to make (mix/ set overnight in Crock Pot), and ridiculously easy to pack up and bring to school. I continued to map out me meals for the week according to taste, health and the weekly circular.  This week was a bit tougher, due to leftovers from Easter ( I refuse to waste food), but I did okay with it.  I did not make any new recipes per say, but I did resort back to some oldie but goodies that I will share with you real soon.   How many of you ate more than your fair share of hard boiled eggs this past week? I did, but I only like the whites.  I also had a greek yogurt egg salad one night for dinner that was quite good.
One night I had grilled Swordfish with a new cajun rub Mark's dad bought for me.  The rub is called "Chef Paul Prudhomme's" Magic Blends: Seafood Magic.  The rub is a bit spicy, but not as spicy as the blackened options at restaurants.  I simply defrosted some swordfish (also on sale this week), and rubbed this into each side of the fish.  I grilled it on medium for about 4 minutes per side.  Dinner was light, filling and protein packed.  I also sauteed some summer squash, zucchini, and mushrooms on the side.  None of those veggies are "go to's" for me, but Mark loves them.

2)  Cleaning (house and classroom)
  Both of these areas of my life were a MESS last Sunday night.  I spent the week creating lists.  Not immediate to-do lists, but more so small tasks that are manageable to achieve in one day.  For example, I decided to clean off one round table in my classroom, not all 4 tables that are bursting at the seams with papers, school supplies and stuff kids leave behind.  I also washed one room at a time at home.  On Monday, my task was weekend laundry and putting al the clothes I washed away.  ( I tend to stink at that last part)

3)  Exercise Regime:
  Before I begin, I feel I fell a little bit short in this department.  It is Saturday and I have had two full body workouts, and one yoga session this week, thus far.  Typically, I do at least one more cardio sessions, but this week other priorties took the front seat.  I always feel exercise guilt when this happens, but I will just need to be diligent this weekend to get two stellar workouts in.  I also registered for Run Stronger Everyday's Virtual 5K (see Kick Ass 5K post for details).  this week and am excited to participate in that on Tuesday.

  On the whole, I feel better  than I did last weekend.  I am cognizant of the workouts I need to produce this week, and am committed to doing so.  I also have a great bison burger recipe to share with you folks soon ;)

In closing, I found this picture while browsing Pinterest this week and fell in love.  I also made it into a poster for my students to see each day.  Sometimes things like this can brighten someone's day, so I hope it works for you too!

don't ever forget your worth.
Because sometimes you just need to know you matter!
Have a great Saturday!

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