Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday before vacation: a teacher's nightmare

Good Friday Morning to you!

  Today, as many of you in the New England area with children know, is the Friday before April Vacation.  In many New England towns the Presidents Day long weekend is extended into a week long vacation for school-aged kiddos and their teachers (wahooo).  Today  is our last day at school before an entire week off, and Mark and my trip to Jamaica.  I am VERY excited to say the least, and just did our online check-in before I started this post.  I feel like that makes it more of a reality.  I simply can't wait to be on a lounge chair, with my toes in the sand, and the sun shining on my face!
Loblolly Bay, Anegade, BVI
  Now.... if only I could get through this day.  Days like these, the day before vacation that is, are tough for kids.  Many children enjoy the structure and safely of the school routine and don't want to head home for an entire week.  This often causes meltdowns, behavior problems, lashing out, tears, drama etc.  Today is especially sad for my students because a member of our team is moving across the country.  Our section had a party with mini bagels and made her a nice card.  In the past I would bake for my kiddos, but since the new health and wellness policy forbids this, we had a whole wheat mini bagel party with light cream cheese. It's not that I disagree with the policy, I just feel that moderation should be taught alongside healthy vs unhealthy.

On to Jamaica.... I am getting  ecstatic about our trip.  Thus far, Mark and I will partake in a deep sea fishing charter on Monday.  It starts at 6:30 am, but I am excited.  Mark loves to fish, and this will be a nice opportunity the nature that the island has to offer.  The captain has caught many wahoo and yellow fin tuna this week, so I hope we are just as lucky on our venture.  They also see dolphins on a regular basis, another  observation I long to see in the wild.
  We are also planning on visiting 7 mile beach in Negril.  We don't have nay plans for this day, just that we want to do it.  The pictures on Trip Advisor totally rock, so I think it will be worth the cab fare.

Who wouldn't miss this face!
The only things making me sad about the trip is Tucker.  I WISH we could bring him everywhere with us, Jamaica included.  I know that isn't a reality.  Tuck will be spending the week at his dog daycare. I packed up his food last night and bought him some extra special Bully Sticks for snacking.  I will miss him terribly while we are gone ;(  But, we will make it up to him next Sunday for is fabulous 2nd birthday celebration!
Upcoming blog posts... Other than my trip to Jamaica, I am also working on  a Sunday Survey Series to get to know the blogger and readers, as well as some healthy, affordable and convenient lunch post series.  Stay tuned!

Question of the day:  Do you have any plans for the long week/vacation?  If so what are they?

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