Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tucker's Dream Vacation!

Friday was a CRAZY day at school!  Not only did we have two recent snow days, but is was the day before vacation. Historically we run a fun "team building" type day before the February break, but this year's recent snow did not permit as much time for the "fun".  I am usually the softy that advocates for a fun-filled day, but I was in the same boat as everyone else this year:  too many loose ends to tie up before the break!  The Student Council did run a charity basketball tournament  to benefit the American Heart Association.  They started on Tuesday after school with preliminary games, and then the four final teams played 10 minute games the day before the break.  It was a nice way to break up the day a bit, and most students look forward to cheering on their peers etc.    
  In the midst of charity basketball and presenting our International Book Projects, I offered to watch  a colleagues Yellow Lab, while his family visited family on Sanibel Island.  I was so excited at first, but as I left school I became increasingly anxious.   

The following Questions ran through my head (literally):
-What if Tucker and this pooch didn't get along?
-What if I lost her, or she got hurt or sick?
-How can I feed them separately (I know from obedience that dogs can fight over food)
Oh boy... typical Jeanie over thinking things!

Upon arrival this dog was PERFECT, and she and Tuck were great friends from the start!  (See above for initial play session.)  In fact, watching little Clover has been a fun activity, since Mark and I had no real plans for the week.  He actually had quite the jam-packed work week, so the two fur balls have kept me company quite nicely.  They pretty much play every morning for about two hours outside in the fence, followed by an extensive sleep session until late afternoon.  Then we will walk, hike, or play fetch.  After their second meal, they seem to fall back into  slumber again. I would definitely take Clover again, and I would be lying if I said  the thought of a second pup hasn't crossed my mind more than once this week! 

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Comment Board:
  Have you ever dog sat before?  Was it a positive or negative experience?
 Do you own two dogs?  If so what are some tips for those of us considering it?


  1. I think Tucker would love a friend!!! looks like he had a blat this week. Did he take longer naps? He is so cute! Katie

  2. Haha!!! I think he would love a little friend as well. The problem is.... Can I do the puppy stage again?!?! Perhaps an adult dog is in order. Food for thought! Thanks so much for commenting!