Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bubonic Plague

Yesterday after I finished up my afternoon post and the grading I had set aside for Thursday, I hopped on the treadmill for a 10k (like I planned on).  No such luck!!  About a half of a mile in I started feeling nauseous....... very very nauseous.  Needless to stay, I stopped at 2 miles and got sick on the treadmill ( super gross and TMI I know).  It was actually quite puzzling, because I felt fine all morning.
  I attempted to rally for my afternoon gym session by laying in bed with the dogs until it was time to leave.  I felt "okay" leaving the house, so I assumed the gym would be "okay" as well.  Wrong again!  I had to alter my workout, because I was unable to lift the amount of wait I had planned for the afternoon.  I ended up leaving after 45 dreadful minutes and putting myself to bed.   I fell asleep around 8, and it was one of the worst nights of sickness I have had; second to maybe one stint with the flu last spring.  Finally at 3 am, I headed into the spare bedroom so I wouldn't bother Mark, and because it is closer to the bathroom.  I opened up my macbook and starting to watch mind numbing MTV reality: everyone's favorite medicine!
   This morning I didn't feel much better, but my temp was down to 100.4,  which I was happy with.  I willed myself to shower because I had a coffee date with a good friend from a past district.  We were meeting at a nearby Panera, and although I knew I wouldn't be able to eat that much, I made myself a tea before leaving to see how it sat.  If the tea was a success, I would order it at Panera.  I love ordering tea there ( wait I'm lying, I love EVERYTHING there!).  They have many to choose from, all unique flavor combinations I wouldn't typically choose.  Today I got a peach and ginger hot tea, and it was delicious!
My Pre-Panera Tea!!!
My friend met and talked for hours!  Don't you just love reconnecting with old friend?  It felt like there was no time between us at all!  I love that.  She still works at my old school/ district.  She also runs the afters school program that I used to before I was laid off.  Damn budget cuts! Anyways it was great to reconnect.
  I am hoping I feel better soon, because I am slated to meet with a potential venue for our  "Ladies Night" grey matters benefit this evening, as well as for a 9 mile run Saturday morning.  I will definitely have the reschedule the run if I can't eat today, because my energy level will be zippo.  

Although the Bubonic Plague deemed yesterday uneventful, I did connect with a fellow blogger who runs and maintains the Healthy Living Blog circuit.  We exchanged emails, and I think I may join!  She also  made some great suggestions for those just starting out like me, and informed me of a "Fit For You" blogging conference this summer.  All very exciting things on the blogging horizon!
  See you later,

Questions of the Day:
  Do you LOVE Panera Bread?  What do you get when you go?
 What foods make you feel better when you have an "upset" stomach?  How are they prepared?

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