Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinterest Fail x 2!

As many of you already know, I have a mild addiction to Pinterest.  Pinterest is also my primary recipe source these days.  As obsessed as as I am with the dynamic of pinning items, recipes, pieces of inspiration and clothing I can't afford, there is a downfall.  This is known as  the PINTEREST FAILS!!!  This is when you are all excited about a recipe you discovered on Pinterest, and it is NOT what you expected.
  For example, this morning I made egg cupcakes which I have made before (see "good morning" post), and I tried to make my life easier and use muffin miners, as opposed to scrubbing egg off the pan for three days.  Well shame on me for seeking out convenience!  This time the egg stuck to the liner, making the muffins impossible to eat ( Although somehow Mark managed; what a trooper!).  Pinterest fail number 1: breakfast.
  For my mid-morning snack I wanted to try and use some over-ripe bananas that have been hanging on the counter for far too long.  Low and behold I found a cottage cheese and banana blend that you can serve with pita bread while pinning.  This appeared perfect, since I have some of Joseph's Flax and Oat Pita break on hand.  WRONG!  Pinterest fail number 2...... The banana was far too sweet for the cottage cheese, and the texture was simply unbearable!  Hopefully I will have better luck come lunch time.
My workout today...
  I haven't yet completed my workout, since I had a lot of blogging and grading to complete.  My plan is to run a 10k on the treadmill, since my running gloves are missing and it is quite cold outside today!  Gee, I wonder who could have taken them? (I would put money on the fact the the "thief" is furry, has a big, block-like head and resembles Simba from the Lion King!!).  So off to the treadmill I go...  I also have an arms, legs and abs session at the gym later.  The Thursday workout I do  is as follows:
3 x 8 backwards lunges with weights ( the weight varies per person obviously).
3 x 8 unassisted Push ups making sure my hips are up, but not my butt (very tough  for me to remember this).
3x8 Pull ups.  These are by far my least favorite exercise on the planet.  I typically do the first 3 or so assisted with a band, and then attempt the rest on my own.  It is NEVER pretty.

After this I will do...
3 x 8 shoulder press with 2 20 lb dumbbells in the reclined bench
3 x  45 second plank on the half ball
3 x 15lb should pulls for stability and flexibility.

Good times.... visit my Pinterest page for some fun and less involved workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home!
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  1. You are by far the most motivated person I know. You set your mind to something and go get it. I love that about you through our years of being friends you have helped me be a better teacher and motivated me to get off the couch. Keep up the good lifestyle, goals and whatever your heart desires! PS love your blog!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement pretty lady.. You rock my socks!!!!