Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm dreaming of a sandy beach...

BOOOOO We are getting more snow!!! I can't help but wonder, why and how I can make it stop!  I found this quote while surfing around facebook this afternoon, and found it VERY fitting for any fellow Bostonian  or New England readers who may be craving similar summertime pleasures...
Not as good as the real  thing, but the picture provides a visual reminder that the snow will one day melt and warmer weather will arrive!

   My mom stopped by around lunch time and we headed out to the 99 for a quick bite.  I had a cup of tomato and basil soup, which surprisingly sat quite nicely.  I am definitely not feeling 100%, and am trying to choose light foods  that won't upset my healing stomach.
  Once we got home, my mom and I started our quest for a tropical getaway for this April.  We LOVE Aruba, but the  prices are astronomical; so we decided to go to Jamaica.  The flights are short,and often direct, so we felt this could be a good fit for us.  My mom will stay for the first part of the week, and then Mark will join me for the second portion.  Best of both worlds!  We agreed on a hotel and have a call into our travel person, who is probably looking into flights as I type (Thanks Kelly).  It will be great to get away for a bit and feel the warm sun and salty breeze!
  My plan is to spend the rest of the evening grading these pesky book projects I had the students complete RIGHT before vacation.  What was I thinking? Oh right, I was trying to get ahead, when in reality I feel more like they're driving me insane.  Mark is working until later, so I guess my excuses are limited.....

I will leave you with the following photo of Tucker and his lady friend Clover, the lab we have been watching this week.  These pups are too cute, and Tuck will be VERY disappointed when Clover heads home tomorrow morning!  Perhaps we should find a playmate for  Tucker sooner, rather than later.
"No Mom, I don't want her to leave!!!"

Question of the day:
Have you visited Jamaica?  Where did you stay?  Any "must sees" that you would  recommend?

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