Friday, February 22, 2013

Full of Surprises

Today was full of surprises!  Although kicking this Bubonic Plague was not one of them, I will embrace the positive that came my way!
  First off, The Fed EX man arrived around lunch time with a small package.  The dogs, of course were VERY excited to have a visitor!  I figure the package would be addressed to Mark; perhaps a customer returning sunglasses, or some time of part.  I was mistaken!  The small package was for me, and inside was a  on-of-a-kind lime green Tshirt from my Friend Ashley in NYC!!! Accompanying the Tshirt was a cute note from Ashley, pumping me up for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.  Talk about awesome!!  
This is will be PERFECT for our trip!!
 Ironically enough, Ashley, Mark and I met last February while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.  She and three friends happened to be there the same week, and we became long lost friends ever since!  Ashley and her friend Kelly reside in NYC, but we still see them quite frequently. 

Ready for surprise number two....???
  Tonight I joined a friend to look into a potential venue for our Grey Matters Benefit this Spring. She has connections through her parents at the pub, and her dad met us there to make the introductions easy.   The owner pretty much gave us EXACTLY what we were looking for an then some.  His offer is beyond generous, and I can't wait to pack the place and raise a ton of money for such a worthy cause!  We set the date for May 4th, 2013 at 7pm.  Wahooooo!!!!
Have a great Friday night!'
ps... sorry for the lack of food pictures... I haven't really been eating much, but am working on a Gatorade as we speak!

Question of the day:
  Have you seen any creative raffle ideas lately? We are concocting new and improved items ideas to raffle off at this event. 

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