Thursday, February 21, 2013

Field Trip to RI!!

On Wednesday, Mark and I headed off to Rhode Island to see sone of the projects he is working on there, and to dine at Longo's Meatballs and Martinis, in Westerly.  We received a gift certificate to this restaurant from a close friend this Christmas and I have been dying to try it.  The name really lures me in!  We left the house around 1, and head to the ocean state.  Mark packed a dog  bed in the back seat for the pups to have a more comfortable trip.  I thought it was silly initially, but the bed REALLY paid off in the end!
Here we go!!
After a long hike and a couple stops along the way, we arrived at Longo's.  The restaurant offers a large parking lot, as well as a front and back entrance. We sat at a table in the corner in front of a beautiful textured panting.  We started with a glass or prosecco and a glass of riesling.  They quickly arrived with bread and water, and recited a vast variety of special.  We decided on the following food items:
antipasta platter (assorted meats. cheese, tomatoes and basil with a balsamic reduction)
calamari ( lightly breaded and pan fried, sauteed with sweet peppers)

Chicken Marsala ( Mar's all time fave!)
Penne alfredo with chicken 
a side of  broccoli rabe ( sauteed with a little red pepper, garlic and olive oil)

 We did not order dessert, but the owner, Gerry Longo, brought us house-made peach cello which was to-die-for!!!! I would highly recommend getting it!!
  We  leisurely ate and drank, and a friend met us for an after dinner cocktail.  On the whole, the place was incredible.  I just wish it was closer to home!!
* I left my camera in the car during dinner, and didn't want to be that annoying blogger who  ruins dates due to picture taking!!!   So sorry, but I'm sure there are more uploaded photos on Trip Advisor.

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