Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm Back!

Good Morning (although it is lunch time here at school)!!
  I have been the absent-minded blogger for far too long!  Sometimes, life just gets in the way of this blog.  As much as I love to blog and express my findings about health, wellness, life and exercise, I have MANY obligations at schools that need to take priority.  This was a tough pill to swallow at first, simply because I would much rather blog here than grade 100 6th grade papers; however this is the reality.

What I've been up to...
Boston Brain Tumor Ride:
 The last few weeks have been jam-packed with fundraising events for last weekend's Boston Brain Tumor Ride.  As many of you already know, I rode in the BBR for my friend and colleague Sarah, who had a brain tumor removed and underwent radiation last winter/spring.  Our team, the Riders Rohan, rode in the BBR last spring, and regrouped again this year to participate in this challenging and inspiring event.

Some of the 2013 Riders for Rohan! Note Tucker's Presence in this picture... Traffic on the Bourne Bridge forced me to bring him to the event.  Not ideal, but he did ok. 
Oh you know, just being a biker chick!

Sarah and I

  Last year we raised over $40,000, which was a tough sum to beat!  Although we utilized creative and fun fundraising opportunities this year, we fell short of our previous total by about 20k; however we did raise over $23,000!  Speaking of creative fundraising options, I recently organized a walk at our middle school to support this cause.  We had about 50 students participate, requiring a $5 donation to walk.  Many families were overly generous, donating as much as $50 to the National Brain Tumor Society!  The walk was a blast for the kids and teachers alike, and I will definitely do this again.
  The ride itself was much more enjoyable this year.  Last year I was injured for the New Bedford Half Marathon and ironically bike riding and swimming were the prescribed activities for my injury.  Since it was all I could do, I trained for the 50 mile ride on my fitness bike!  This was tough to say the least, and many times throughout the ride I wanted to stop.  I finished in just under 4 hrs (way too much time on a bike).  This year I rode 25 miles with a group of friends.  We took it slow, had a blast and chatted the entire way.  This was much more up my alley, seeing that bike ride in simply not my favorite.  My friend Stephanie was also there cheering us on.  Her Husband rode on our team and represented the two of them since she is pregnant.  It was GEAT to see both of them as well!
Coaching Track:
  I mentioned this is a few of my previous posts, but I'm coaching middle school track for the third year at my school.  The position is requiring more and more  each year, making it the pay dwidle a bit.  Teachers don't do these extra things just for the money, beacuse it never nets out to being worth it.  On the other hand, I love meeting new kids and seeing old students in a different light.  I love seeing team players and great sportsmanship.  Our last meet is tomorrow and I am embarrassed to say I'm relieved.  The meets let out quite late and it is tough to get home at 8pm!  It also has been a communication nightmare getting our METCO ( students who live in Boston and are bussed to my school) home via van or bus.
Cape house:
  I have also been spending some time at our cape cottage in preparation for this weekend.  We had to mow the lawn, do some laundry and purchase some staple food items. Hopefully we do not have a HUGE crowd because that always stresses me out big time! Don't get me wrong, I love seeing friends and family, but there are limits to how many humans fit in a 650 square foot cottage!  Our friends Ashley and Kelly are coming from NYC and I am pumped to see them.
Me, Ashley and Kelly Last summer on the Vineyard
 Kelly has been writing her thesis all spring  and has been a bit MIA, understandably.  I havent seen Ashley since our March trip to Vegas, so it will be good to reconnect with them.

Things to come...
  On the docket for next week is our 3 night 4 day camping trip with the kiddos to camp Bournedale in Plymouth, MA. This is one of my favorite weeks of teaching because it is so refreshing to spend time outside with children, and see students' skill sets that are far beyond the classroom.  I will also have the opportunity to spend time with kids that are not on my team of 90.  Very cool.

Memorial day 5K in OB:
  Each year Hospice of Martha's Vineyard puts on a memorial day 5K to benefit Hospice services on the island.  I have missed running in this for the past two years, and decided this is my year!  Mark, Ashley and I signed up.  I just hope the weather is run-able!

Great to be back!

Question for the day:  Does anyone have any "rockstar" plans for this weekend?

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