Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Preparation and Birthday Parties GALORE!

  Due to inclement weather, my middle school track meet was cancelled today (Friday).  I am sad for the kids, and I know the make-up will be difficult to schedule, but I really used the day to my advantage!
  As soon as the cancellation call  was made, I scooted out of school and headed to Target.  Target was featuring the mini iPad for $299, and I have the 5% back card.  My mom wanted a “device” to search the web, pinterest, and to upload her pictures to, so we decided on the iPad mini.  I purchased the mini machine in white, and splurged on a pink Velcro protective case.  Meanwhile, my brother was grabbing a wireless key board to make typing recipes and online shopping even easier.  This is a BIG Mother’s day gift, and we do not typically do gifts  this large for Mother’s Day, but we thought this year- What the heck!  While at Target I also bought a gift for my Cousin’s son, who’s birthday I missed while I was away in Jamaica. 
  We are planning on giving my mom the iPad early, because we know she will need our help setting it all up.  My brother is also coming home and will trade laundry loads for iPad lesson I’m sure!  We are grabbing breakfast with my mom at Sweet Caroline’s on Saturday around noon.  The place looks delicious, making me more and more eager to try it.
  The rain was intense while driving home, and I started to get pumped up for a treadmill workout, while watching Wednesday night’s Nashville episode.  I fell asleep far before that show was on, so I love to watch it on the computer while working out.  As soon as a I returned home, I prepared a quick dinner and headed to the dungeon (aka basement) to workout.  I felt good on the run, despite the extreme humidity and lack of basement excitement.  The episode was also great, and I can’t wait for next week!
Image Address20121107-nashville-picture-x600-1352308279.jpg
  Dinner consisted of tree chicken breasts, a half packet of low sodium Italian seasoning mix ,  2 tbs of butter and many green beans to surround the chicken.  This meal is easy, low in carbohydrates and Mark adores it!  It is a definite staple at our house!

Influx of Birthdays..

Bruins Themed Birthday?  Sure:)

   Nine months before May must be a BUSY time of year for many couples because I am noticing an influx of Birthday coming about.  The week alone 19 children on my team are celebrating a birthday, not to mention we are invited to a few family birthday parties this weekend.  Lots of gifts and cake- I can’t wait!
  On Friday we celebrated a Students birthday at school with a little lunch group and cupcakes.  This student, who shall remain nameless, has ASD and  has made some significant gains this year.  He was so excited about his birthday, that a party was in order for sure!  He invited a few special requested guests, and we filled in the rest.  The party , on the whole, was a breath of fresh air.  The kids interacted well together, and it was great to see an age appropriate birthday party accessible to all!  A big success!
  Later Friday evening, Mark, my mom, will and I attended my grandfather’s girlfriend’s 70th birthday party ( what a mouthful).  My gramp and his girlfriend, Naidene, have been dating for what seems like forever (10 years, maybe longer?) , so we are very familiar with her and her family.  The party was fun and the food was GREAT.  The buffet dinner featured prime rib, baked stuffed shrimp, Chicken, salad, fresh rolls, steamed veggies and potatoes.  YUM!
  We also had the opportunity to catch up with some family we don’t see that often.  See the pictures below.
My Brother, Gamp and I

Mom and Gramp

Silly cousin picture: Liz, Gramp, Wil and me

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