Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Falling off the wagon....

 I am ashamed to say that I have fallen off the wagon a bit.... I am as guilty as the next girl when I say that:

  •  I was busy working late
  • I made bad food choices.
  •  I failed to exercise

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Thinking about this list of excuses angers me.  It also reminds me of that hilarious health insurance commercial from a few years ago about the couple who makes countless excuses to not work out, such as: I lost my hair elastic etc...(see above) Anyways, some changes need to be made.  When I say this I need to realistic in the fact that I by no means " let myself go", I more so hit a bump in the road and need to find smoother terrain in order to "feel" good.
  My plan is as follows:
Schedule more workouts mid-week and over the weekend:
  I currently schedule in my mid-week workouts to ensure I do them.  They happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one other "flex" day.  Since the weekends are getting increasingly busy with weddings, showers, graduations etc, I need to start doing the same for the weekend workouts.  I could start by evaluating the day and the commitments I have made, and then figure out where and when would be a good time to workout.  Easier said than done, I know; but it is essential to feeling good.
  My mid-week workout obstacle is currently track.  I coach middle school track Mondays, Wednesday and Tuesdays until 4pm and then I drive home.  I get home around 5pm most nights and am exhausted. I know many of you reading from corporate America are laughing at me, but yes teachers get very tired at night, and we are partially spoiled.  In my defense (not that I deserve it), I leave the house at 6:15 each morning and each lunch by 11:20 most days.  I think both of these impact my night time lethargy. This and the enormous amount of grading I need to do each night.  On the whole, none of this matters.  I need to figure this out in order to feel my best!

Plan meals ahead of time:
Snack plans...

  This portion of my plan is well underway.  Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought and prepped many items for this week.  In fact, I believe our menu will look something like this:

  •   lean steak tipis already marinating in balsalmic low sodium marinade, served with veggies ( broccoli)
  • Store made white meat turkey burgers.  Mine is pepper and onion and Mark's has cheese and turkey bacon blended in.  YUM!  These will be served on Joseph's flax buns with homemade sweet potato fries. ( I won't eat the bun, but Mark loves the bun)
  • Fajitas with peppers ( red and green) and flax wraps
  • Bison burgers
  • Salmon in a honey ginger glaze
Tons of options, as you can see, so I have no excuses this week!

Food/ exercise  Journaling:
  I have mixed emotions on the food journals.  I find I get obsessed with them, so I typically start using them and then stop.  Beside the obsession, they do keep me honest; so I am back to writing down my foods along with my workouts.

Phew... feels good to plan this out.
Have a great week!

Question of the day:  How do you get yourself back on track?

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