Friday, June 7, 2013

Dunkin’ toasts National Donut Day

 For those of you who know me... Donuts are my ultimate weakness.  I have loved them to the core (haha) since I was a little girl, and I fight the urge to buy one whenever I am at a coffee shop. I celebrated in style today with a butter crunch donut.  It wasn't as great as usual, so I ate half and threw the rest away.

On the docket for the weekend...
 Tomorrow Mark and I are running in the Flag Day 5K in Falmouth, Ma.  This is a fun, out and back race in Falmouth Heights.  The 3.1 mile jaunt takes you past Falmouth Heights Beach.  This has potential to be very scenic, however tomorrow will be a different story with the predicted rain.  Oh well, the race will still be fun.They also posted the T-shirt design on their website... score!
  Besides the race, I'm sure I will be playing with this sandy mutt  all weekend.  A little rain never slows him down!

On a different note...
  The Bikram Yoga studio I practiced at last summer, Bikram Yoga Falmouth, opened a sister studio for kids and teens.  The studio, Beyond The Asana, focuses on the importance of a positive outlook and gears kids and teens up for positive sports experiences.  I am VERY excited  for this to open, because I feel it could be quite effective.
If interested, the website is as follows:

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Dunkin’ toasts National Donut Day

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