Friday, June 21, 2013

Army Wives Obsession...

 The Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend I had strep throat and stayed home from school.   I recovered quickly with the aide of a Z pak, however  I started watching Army Wives via Xfinity Steampix while home.  Lets just say this was a BAD plan!  I have been beyond obsessed with the series ever since!  In fact, when we decided to get Internet at the cape cottage, we discovered it was cheaper to "bundle" the two services together (cable and Internet).  Comcast was also running a special for Streampix Free for 3 Months!  Of course I signed up.  Just what I need, to sit around inside while on beautiful Cape Cod!
Some of the original cast...
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Army Wives Season 1 Cast Promo Photos
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  For those unfamiliar with the Army Wives series, it essentially follows five or 6 friends, depending on the season, and all that happens between them and their significant others.  They live in Fort Marshall, a fictional Army fort in North Carolina.  The husbands and life partners of the featured five are often deployed, and the wives and husbands depend on one another for support, companionship and assurance that their loved ones will return.  Each character is so different, and I just adore the way they connect with one another.
  My favorite for  the first six seasons ( yes, I watched all six) is Roxy LeBlanc.  Roxy was a single mother tending bar in Alabama when she met Trevor, while he was away on leave.  After a short four days, Trevor proposed and they moved to Fort Marshall.  Roxy is a true spitfire, both with how she dresses and what she says.  In fact, in one of the first episodes she tried to get a stain out of her dress in the bathroom of an Army Ball.  She is half naked at the bathroom sink in front of two officer's wives!  She is humble, strong and kind.  I also admire that even though most of the featured women don't work, she continues to tend bar and then buy her own bar .
Army Wives Season 1 Cast Promo Photos
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  Another favorite character is Denise Sherwood, a nurse and Mother of two.  Denise is married to a stereotypical Army Gruff,  and they face their differences and family sadness.  Denise really grew on me as the seasons progressed.  She is kind, gorgeous and smart.  I also adore her fashion, or at least what she wears on the show.
  As you can see I am a bit OBSESSED with the show!  I am at a turning point now because Streampix offers seasons 1-6, but I can't seem to find the beginning of season seven anywhere!  I will continue my search on demand this evening, but I will be quite sad If I have to wait all summer!

If you are looking for a great new show, check it out!
Ps.. Mark loved it too:)

Question of the day:
  What TV shows are you really "into" right now?

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  1. I've never watched Army Wives- sounds interesting! Lately I've been into The Bachelorette, it's so silly really but fun to watch!